Our Services


Muay Thai
Our core skill set and classes are based on this powerful combat sport.

Our classes teach you to use the "science of eight limbs", using all the available weapons punches, elbows, knees and kicks to devastating effect.


Muay Boran
The old style combat art, we offer a light touch of this traditional form.

We visit other gyms as a group to improve our skills in this area.


Our grading syllabus is a good way to build skills and measure your progress.

This is open to everyone at the club.


Self Defence
Training in self defence techniques and tactics are referenced in many classes and special sessions are arranged for those wanting to learn more,

Our self defence sessions include weapon defence (including knives) and control and restraint of the attacker.


Bootcamp & Circuit Training
Join in on the established bootcamp sessions or create a new one with your own private group.

1 to 1 personal training is also available.

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